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New work coming...!

Well I have to say the workshop hasn’t been the warmest through winter…!. But I have been so lucky that I can still access it through lockdown and work as normal, I have to say it has kept me sane. I have cycled in every day even on the cold days. My path is along the canal so its the best start to the day. The workshop has been a bit messy for a while and I actually dislike a chaotic workspace so finally set about sorting it all out. I have created a space whereby I can have an open studio when lockdown is over. Its been really good fun doing that alongside my window display. I am missing the Galleries as they’re all shut and its disappointing because the porcelain always sells so well, so I’am really looking forward to restocking them. Ive been preparing the clay and then will start my work again. I have new ideas and designs that I have felt inspired to create so I hope you love them too. I came across a beautiful painting of a kingfisher and couldn’t stop looking at it. I then remembered when I was younger I used to do watercolours of birds, I had completely forgotten….so…. yes I am inspired to create birds….watch this space. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Take care of yourselves, Sarah x

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