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Hello, I'm working hard on the restock. There will be some new pieces 🙂. I go to the workshop in the morning at 8.30am...its grey and cold and dark... but as soon as I open the workshop door I get overwhelmed with happiness and excitement... I honestly do everyday. I survived breast cancer in 2013. I owned my own home, mortgage paid off. My partner left me, my dog died... I was then scammed because I was vunerable and in shock and I lost everything. However without all of that I wouldn't be here now. I can honestly say I'm grateful because I'm the happiest I have ever been in my life... and it's because of that journey. So when I open that workshop door everyday I have a smile as wide as the world. When things seem bad, hold on because sometimes it's part of a journey to a much better place ❤️

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